S-Hack 2008

Motto : From Solo to Symphony – Making your application go multi-core!

When? : Mon. 14.4. – Wed. 16.4. 2008

Where? : University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK; 51.7522 N 0.242 W

Who can participate? : Anybody who has a computationally intensive application which can be expressed in terms of non-recursive data structures and operations thereon and who wants to have it all:

  • a nice and intuitive high-level specification
  • and high-performance, parallelised execution on multi-core architectures!

Agenda :

  • Mo / Tue : tutorials on our functional streaming & data parallel framework
  • Tue / Wed : you start your own application using our framework

Costs? : participation is free; hacking essentials such as coffee and electricity on a 24 hour basis also come for free!

Catch? : we only have a limited amount of places available and will give these away on a first come first serve basis!

How can I register? : Registration is now closed.