SaC 9th DevCamp

This DevCamp will take place on the Isle of Skye, Carbost, Trien Lodge Cottage 28 Oct - 4 Nov 2016


  • Major change in infrastructure: use of CMake instead of autoconf
    • testing on different platforms
    • inclusion of package building for the downloads
    • brushing of the support for non-installed binaries
    • brushing of support for dual (prod/devel) versions
    • testing on various platforms ()
  • Brushing of the tutorial
    • translation into html
    • updating of content
    • expansion of examples
    • syncing with example codes in sac/tutorial
  • Complete redesign of the webpage
    • port of existing content
    • elision of outdated information
    • restructuring of existing content
    • inclusion of descriptions of the infrastructural changes of the tool chain
    • inclusion of an automated bibtex translation system
    • revamping of stdlib-doku generation mechanism
  • Resurrection of recursive makes for sac-folders (demo, tutorial etc.)
Name Affiliation
Sven-Bodo Scholz Heriot-Watt University
Artem Shinkarov Heriot-Watt University
Stuart Gordon Heriot-Watt University
Hans-Nikolai Viessmann Heriot-Watt University
Max Baird Heriot-Watt University