SaC 10th DevCamp

This DevCamp will take place in Spain, AndalucĂ­a
Villa in Mijas Pueblo 20 Nov - 27 Nov 2017


  • runtime system restructuring
    • breaking up sac.h into autonomous headers
    • runtime .h-files split up between ICM bearing part (runtime) and library headers (libsac)
    • resolution of all warnings on all platforms
  • cleanup of Stdlib
    • deletion of deprecated C-system functionality (tempnam, tmpnam)
    • resolution of all warnings
  • switch to git-lab
    • git-lab setup
    • read-only setup for sac2c on amaterasu
    • git-lab user registration
    • development of testing strategy: standardisation of
      • testing sac2c runs
      • testing executables
  • move of demos into GitHub/sacbase
    • identification of suitable packages
      • basic demos
      • Rhodinia Benchmarks
      • NAS Benchmarks
    • move of sources
    • adaptation of makefiles to cmake-based mechanism
    • brushing of demo codes
  • update of wiki pages
    • documentation of git-lab
    • updating of publications
    • polishing of generic content
Name Affiliation
Sven-Bodo Scholz Heriot-Watt University
Artem Shinkarov Heriot-Watt University
Hans-Nikolai Viessmann Heriot-Watt University
Max Baird Heriot-Watt University
Kevin Klein Heriot-Watt University