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 **Where? :** University of Hertfordshire,​ Hatfield, UK (click for directions) **Where? :** University of Hertfordshire,​ Hatfield, UK (click for directions)
-More details will be available ​soon!+**Who can participate?​ :** 
 +Anybody who has a computationally intensive application which can be expressed in terms of non-recursive data structures and operations thereon and who wants to have it all: 
 +  * a nice and intuitive high-level specification 
 +  * and high-performance,​ parallelised execution on multi-core architectures! 
 +**[[workshops:​shack1:​Programme|Agenda]] :** 
 +  * Mo / Tue : tutorials on our functional streaming & data parallel framework 
 +  * Tue / Wed : you start your own application using our framework 
 +**Costs? :** participation is free; hacking essentials such as coffee and electricity on a 24 hour basis also come for free! 
 +**Catch? :** we only have a limited amount of places ​available ​and will give these away on a first come first serve basis! 
 +**How can I register? :** Registration is now closed.