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 +**Lead Developers:​** Maxime Castelein and Julien Viera (2005)/ Daniel Rolls (2008)
 + ​prototype has been developed by Maxime and Julien. However, first experiences indicate room for some improvements to make the tool applicable on a larger scale. Dan tries to put these into action.
 +Benchmarking programs is always a time consuming task, in particular, when comparing programs specified in different programming languages: comparable versions of the same program need to be collected, compilers need to be installed, compiler flags need to be identified, program parameters need to be adjusted to the performance / capabilities of the executing hardware etc.
 +The situation becomes even more annoying if measurements need to be redone on a slightly different platform as it usualy requires all ad-hoc mechanisms for measuring, such as makefiles or scripts, to be adjusted.
 +The core idea of this project is to develop an automated benchmarking system which keeps all relevant measurement parameters in a database and automatically deploys measurements whenever a new benchmark or executing platform is added.
 +**Current Status:** finished.