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 +**Lead Developers:​** Stephan Herhut, Santanu Dash, TBD
 +The combination of subtyping and partial evaluation has proven in the context of SaC that it combines nicely rather generic program specifications with a high level of static type guarantees and very efficient runtime performance. To increase the versatility of static type guarantees, more sophisticated type definitions and the ability to specify subtype relations explicitly are needed.
 +The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in novel approaches towards dynamic type systems, and, ideally some background in modern type systems, compilation techniques, and functional programming in general.
 +**Current Status:** Some of the theoretical foundations of this work have been investigated in the team already and led to Stephan'​s PhD thesis. Santanu has performed ground breaking work on computing lubs in lattices more efficiently.
 +**Needed Work:**
 +  * Development of the type system
 +  * Development of syntactical support
 +  * Implementation of type inference
 +  * Evaluation of case studies