Lead Developers: Volkmar Wieser, TBD

The Eclipse project provides a multi-platform framework for creating IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). It has been successfully used for many different programming languages. A key to its success is the clear separation between the non-language related core facilities and the language specific parts which are kept in so-called plug-ins. This concept allows new IDEs to be created with rather small programming effort by efficiently making use of the core functionality of Eclipse.

The central idea of the project is to make use of the Eclipse infrastructure to generate an IDE for SaC. A good starting point for doing so is the web-site of Eclipse. It contains several tutorials on how to create new plug-ins for Eclipse.

Current Status: The basic plugin has been created; some polishing is still needed.

Needed Work:

  • Handling of C-macros

Possible Elaboration:

  • Integration of the typechecker
  • support for auto-correction