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Clemens Grelck, UvA (PI), Sven-Bodo Scholz, HWU (PI)
FP7 2010-2013
Clemens Grelck, UvA (CI), Sven-Bodo Scholz, UH (PI)
FP7 2007-2011
Sven-Bodo Scholz, UH (CI)
FP6 2006-2009
Border Patrol
Sven-Bodo Scholz, HWU (PI)
EPSRC 2017-2022
Sven-Bodo Scholz, HWU (PI)
EPSRC 2014-2019
Intel Hardware Accelerator Research Program
Sven-Bodo Scholz, HWU (CI)
Intel 2017-
Sven-Bodo Scholz, HWU (PI)
SCCH 2014-2018
Sven-Bodo Scholz, HWU (PI)
Maxeler 2013-
MARC: SCC Research Programme
Clemens Grelck, UvA (PI), Sven-Bodo Scholz, UH & HWU (PI)
Intel 2010 - 2013

Over the years, the main contributors were affiliated with several universities:

University of Kiel Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of the University of Kiel, Germany. In Kiel, the development of SAC was initiated in 1994. Most parts of the initial compiler release have been created here. Meanwhile, however, all SaC-related activities in Kiel have come to a halt and the people involved moved to other places, namely Hertfordshire and Lübeck.
University of LübeckInstitute of Software Technology and Programming Languages of the University of Lübeck, Germany. Since 2001 a group in Lübeck has joined into the development of SAC. The core topics in Lübeck were high-level optimizations, compilation into concurrently executable code, and a new type system based on dependent types. As of 2009 most SAC-related activities at Lübeck came to a halt as well and the key players moved on, among others to establish a new SAC group at Amsterdam.
University of TorontoComputer Engineering Research Group of the University of Toronto, Canada. Here, work on optimizations of array operations based on array attributes is done in addition to the on-going development of the APEX APL to SaC compiler. For local information contact Tarek Abdelrahman or Robert Bernecky.
University of Hertfordshire Compiler Technology and Computer Architecture Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. This group has been involved in various aspects of SAC including both, language extensions and new compiler technology. It has hosted the core compiler infrastructure from 2004-2011. In 2011 most SAC-related activities in Hertfordshire came to an end. For local information contact Alex Shafarenko.
Universiteit van Amsterdam Computer Systems Architecture Group at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The SAC team within the CSA group focusses on parallelisation aspects of SAC. For local information contact Clemens Grelck.
Heriot-Watt University Dependable Systems Group at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland. The SAC team within the Dependable Systems group works on various aspects of SAC, from language extensions over compiler technology towards industrial case studies. For local information contact Sven-Bodo Scholz.