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 ===== 1 Compiler: the sac2c ecosystem ===== ===== 1 Compiler: the sac2c ecosystem =====
-<callout type="​info"​ icon="​true">​ +Binary releases ​of the compiler and the standard library are provided in the following sections.
-=== Package Compatibility === +
-Releases have been tested on specific operating system versions. Though some packages can be installed on newer or older systems, we advise against doing this. If you find a problem, please contact us (see at bottom ​of page of how to do this).+
-The packages ​below have been build against the following libraries ​**which need to be available on the system** in order to install ​the compiler+We provide two types of distributable ​packages, stable releases and bleeding-edge releases (which we call //​weeklies//​). In both types, we provide a **basic** and a **full** package. In order to function, ​the basic package needs a system C compiler (GCC or MacOS Clangand standard library, and pthreads. The full package additionally needs HWLOC and CUDA. 
-  - CUDA (at least version 9.0) + 
-  - HWLOC+//For normal usage, the basic variant is sufficient to try out all of the features of the Single Assignment C language.//​ 
 +<callout type="​primary"​ icon="​true">​ 
 +=== Which package should I use? === 
 +At the moment, we suggest using one of the //weekly// packages as these include some of the latest features. These packages only differ from our stable release packages in that we do less testing before releasing them.
 </​callout>​ </​callout>​
 ==== Weeklies --- Bleeding-Edge Release ==== ==== Weeklies --- Bleeding-Edge Release ====
-<callout type="​warning"​ icon="​true">​ +The packages ​listed here are built from the //latest// changes to our development branch. Some of the features provided ​are still in development ​and may not work as expected. Please message use on the [[:​mailing_lists#​user_mailing_lists|user mailing list]] if you encounter any problem.
-=== Stability === +
-These packages are of the most recent (//bleeding-edge//) state of the compiler. They are provided on a //​best-effort//​ basis, but it is highly likely that the packages (and compiler) might not work correctly and negatively impact your systemYou have been warned!  +
-=== Ubuntu 14 === 
 === Ubuntu 16 === === Ubuntu 16 ===
 {{filelist>​packages/​weekly/​Ubl16/​sac*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​recursive=1&​sort=mtime&​direct=1&​showdate=1&​showsize=1}} {{filelist>​packages/​weekly/​Ubl16/​sac*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​recursive=1&​sort=mtime&​direct=1&​showdate=1&​showsize=1}}
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 === RHEL 7 === === RHEL 7 ===
 {{filelist>​packages/​weekly/​RHEL7/​sac*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​recursive=1&​sort=mtime&​direct=1&​showdate=1&​showsize=1}} {{filelist>​packages/​weekly/​RHEL7/​sac*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​recursive=1&​sort=mtime&​direct=1&​showdate=1&​showsize=1}}
-=== Linux x64 === 
 === MacOS === === MacOS ===
 {{filelist>​packages/​weekly/​MacOS/​sac*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​recursive=1&​sort=mtime&​direct=1&​showdate=1&​showsize=1}} {{filelist>​packages/​weekly/​MacOS/​sac*&​style=table&​tableheader=1&​recursive=1&​sort=mtime&​direct=1&​showdate=1&​showsize=1}}
 +=== Linux x64 ===
 +The contents of this package can be installed anywhere on your system (this is particularly useful if you do not have root permission!). Upon open the archive, you will find a README file and an install script (''​install.sh''​). Please read the README on how to use the install script.
 === Extra === === Extra ===
-We also have some //​user-contributed//​ packages --- as these are packages outwith the project, we can not provide any support on these. Please communicate with the package maintainers.+We also have some //​user-contributed//​ packages --- as these are packages outwith the project, we can not provide any support on these. Please communicate with the package maintainers ​directly.
 {{tablelayout?​colwidth=","​}} {{tablelayout?​colwidth=","​}}
 ^ OS ^ External Link ^ ^ OS ^ External Link ^
 | ArchLinux | via [[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​sac-compiler-weekly|sac-compiler-weekly]] and [[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​sac-stdlib-weekly|sac-stdlib-weekly]] | | ArchLinux | via [[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​sac-compiler-weekly|sac-compiler-weekly]] and [[https://​aur.archlinux.org/​packages/​sac-stdlib-weekly|sac-stdlib-weekly]] |
 +=== Legacy ===
 +Here we list some of the older releases for platforms we no longer package for.
 +== Ubuntu 14 ==
 ==== Major Release ==== ==== Major Release ====
 The following packages contain the latest //​major-number//​ release of ''​sac2c''​. The following packages contain the latest //​major-number//​ release of ''​sac2c''​.
 +<callout type="​warning"​ icon="​true">​
 +=== Old releases ===
 +The packages provided here are **old** and not fully supported. Please use one of the [[download:​main#​weeklies_---_bleeding-edge_release|weekly packages]] instead.
 === Ubuntu 14 === === Ubuntu 14 ===