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SaC-specific Events

A number of workshop series have evolved over the time:

SaC DevCons

Year Event Location
2014 9th DevCon Isle of Mull, UK
2011 8th DevCon Riga, Latvia
2010 7th DevCon Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007 6th DevCon Hertfordshire, UK
2006 5th DevCon Hertfordshire, UK
2005 4th DevCon Lübeck, Germany
2004 3rd DevCon Lübeck, Germany
2003 2nd DevCon Lübeck, Germany
2002 1st DevCon Kiel, Germany

SaC DevCamps

Year Event Location
2017 10th DevCamp Mijas, Spain
2016 9th DevCamp Isle of Skye, UK
2015 8th DevCamp Bad Wildbad, Germany
2014 7th DevCamp Isle of Mull, UK
2013 6th DevCamp Liebenau, Austria
2012 5th DevCamp Edderside, UK
2011 4th DevCamp Riga, Latvia
2009 3rd DevCamp Loch Ness, UK
2008 2nd DevCamp Loch Ness, UK
2004 1st DevCamp Marielyst, Danmark


Year Event Location
2018 Tutorial Pact'18 Limassol, Cyprus
2010 Tutorial RAS Novosibirsk, Russia
2010 Tutorial PPoPP'10 Bangalore, India
2010 2nd S-Hack Hertfordshire, UK
2008 1st S-Hack Hertfordshire, UK