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Over the years many standard and non-standard optimizations have been integrated into the SaC compiler sac2c. Most of the optimizations benefit from or even rely on the application of other optimizations. As there exist mutual dependencies, the current compiler applies its optimizations by means of several subsequent optimization cycles. However, the dependencies between the individual optimizations have never been fully analysed. Instead the order of their application has been chosen in a rather ad-hoc fashion.

Another problem of the existing optimization cycle is the fact that the optimizations have been developed over a rather long period of time during which some of the side-conditions (such as restrictions on the AST etc) have changed. As a consequence, some of the optimizations rely on assumptions that are only partially true in today's setting, e.g., some well-formedness assumptions do not hold anymore which – strictly speaking – may require some extensions of these optimizations.

The challenge of this project is to analyse all optimisations for correctness in the given setting and for relationship to other optimizations. Building up on that information, correctness-issues should be resolved and an attempt to optimize the order of optimization application should be undertaken.

Current Status: nothing done yet.

Needed Work: