Lead Developers: Robert Bernecky

The Algebraic With-Loop Folding (AWLF) project extends the capability of the With-Loop Folding optimization to operate on AKD arrays. To do this, it has to perform symbolic analysis of WL bounds and array index sets and their intersections. AWLF enables -ecc, as that improves the analysis quality. As a fringe benefit, CF has been extended to remove, whenever feasible, guards that can be proven always satisfied, thereby improving run-time performance when compiling with -check c.

Current Status: Works on odd-numbered days. No support for non-unit stride; no support for non-unit width. Solving of the symbiotic expressions used for the above symbolic analysis is problematic in several ways. The primary problem is that there is no way to tell, at present, that an analysis is complete. This can lead to AWLF failure to operate, and/or to nugatory hypercube slicing.

Needed Work: